elizabeth dehler
Elizabeth Dehler is a composer, songwriter and teacher. Her composition work for television includes music for the popular Quebecois series Nos Étés (dir. Francis Leclerc), for which she received a nomination for a Prix-Gémeaux in 2005; and for the docu-drama Marie-Antoinette (2006; dir. Yves Simoneau), which won the 2007 Prix-Gémeaux for Best Original Music Score. She has just completed work on Maxime Desmons’ feature film What We Have (2013) and is currently preparing to workshop her first musical theatre piece.

In recent years, Ms. Dehler developed a music program at the École Montessori de l’Outaouais, and, in 2011, she and the children’s choir she founded there, Les Petits Choeurs de l’ÉMO, appeared at the National Arts Centre in Olivier Choinière’s music theatre extravaganza Chante Avec Moi.

Ms. Dehler holds a Master of Music in Composition from McGill University and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Carleton University.

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scott beluz
Scott Belluz has received great acclaim for his captivating performances in the world premieres of numerous Canadian operatic works including: the title role in Omar Daniel’s The Shadow with Tapestry New Opera, Gilles Tremblay’s Opera Feerie with Chants Libres, and R. Murray Schafer’s The Children’s Crusade with Soundstreams Canada. Scott recently displayed his remarkable versatility in Handel’s Orlando with Voicebox/Opera in Concert, the world premiere of From the House of Mirth (Sharman/Alex Poch-Goldin), choreographed by James Kudelka, for Coleman Lemieux Compagnie and A Synonym for Love, the acclaimed update of a Handel cantata with Toronto’s Volcano Theatre.

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Scott Belluz est un artiste polyvalent, dont le talent d’interprète est reconnutant dans la musique ancienne que dans la musique contemporaine. Il a créé les rôles (premières mondiales) avec Chants Libres, Tapestry New Opera et Soundstreams Canada. Dans ses derniers projets, on compte From the House of Mirth, un spectacle mêlant danse et chant, choreographié par James Kudelka pour Coleman Lemieux Compagnie et A Synonym for Love avec Volcano Theatre.

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